Hot House Flowers!

Hopefully by the time this reaches you this revolting steamy wet weather cycle is over. We are cutting & sewing in our factory as per usual, but the windows are steamed up & the is no breeze to help! Its like working a in green house…but its lycra flowers that are blooming!

Hopefully too, by now my lovely right hand lady…..Kirsten has healed… you see making these beautiful lovely lycra creations comes every few years with a fairly serious injury….Rotary cutters are VERY good at cutting your fingers QUICK!……so during the crazy rain & wind today … a trip to the medical centre & a couple of stitches. WOW she is AMAZING! & back at work. I pleaded for her to go home, but this girl is one tough cookie!…I am damn lucky to have her working with me.

If you want this type of dedication to design…give me an email, me & my team are here to help