Dressing up to get down!

I was at my Chiropractor the other day, when Billie Jean ( yay my Fav MJ Song) came on the radio. Knowing what I do for a living (chastising me for lifting multiple rolls of fabric every day) – My Chiro confided in me…that he just LOVED Michael Jackson…& when he was a kid it bordered on obsession..as all things do when you are 12!

He had the Glove, the jacket & he remembers going to the easter show to get the bag, just so he could get the special sunglasses! He said he could do all the moves….yes including the Moonwalk – but only when he had all his gear on!

Well there you go – the power of a costume to transform…..it is special thing. Giving a nod to the Iconic looks & re-interpreting is what its all about – like Beyonce’s doing her take on the original MJ Superbowl show …RESPECT!.

Top 20 Dance Costume Tips
1. If you want to be beautiful & sparkly …you have to be uncomfortable & itchy! Dance costumes are NOT clothes
2. Make the costume fit the dance not the other way around or it won’t work…pick a supplier who can customise
3. Open front designs draw attention to the lady region (vjj) – so boy leg briefs or only dark tones in hotpants ie black or navy
4. Light mesh over dark colours looks messy, dark mesh over light looks fantastic!, Tripple layer different colour =grey murky blended mess
5. Flesh elastic too stretchy for holding up a dress- use flesh binding straps…clear straps ok for contemporary but dust with makeup / bronzer to take the sheen off
6. Some fabrics are “reverse”/Rachel knits, they must be cut the correct way or won’t stretch properly!
7. You want 2 way stretch for d├ęcolletage mesh- cut reverse, best flesh lined
8. Not everyone in a troupe has a 6 pack & that is what stands out on stage-go high waisted & just show tiny strip of skin under the ribs
9. Bifurcated leg bikeshorts are only acceptable in black (Say no to Camel Toe!)
10. Rubber under boobs & over boobs in mesh d├ęcolletage & cut out designs /empire lined
11. Butterfly clips on backwards so the don’t pop off on stage.
12. Velcro on side that is least likely to catch/pull fabrics
13. Chiffon for circle skirts & flared pants- mesh for everything else
14 No satin pants unless they are harem- satin =split seams…it’s shiny because it’s a loose weave=ripping
15. Prints flattering for all figure types…hides big tummies
16. Long skirts hide bent legs- georgette for ballet, jersey or Lycra for contemporary
17. Dark shoes cover bad feet ( most backdrops black)
18. Only ever light plain colours or black for Lycra sleeves (sweat-marks)… or sparkle/hologram/Prints hides sweat too
19. Push kids 20. All lycras not created equal so sizing/patterns must be altered accordingly

If you want some dance costumes made by someone who has applies all these tips & more knowledge to GREAT design…