Fifteen years In this business, yes I’ve seen a lot I’ve been gifted with the designers eye… You either have it. Or you do not It cannot be learned this instinct, to see if it looks right Too thick, too thin, wrong proportion… or too tight “Fashion fades, only style remains the same” A famous […]

Hot House Flowers!

Hopefully by the time this reaches you this revolting steamy wet weather cycle is over. We are cutting & sewing in our factory as per usual, but the windows are steamed up & the is no breeze to help! Its like working a in green house…but its lycra flowers that are blooming! Hopefully too, by […]

Dressing up to get down!

I was at my Chiropractor the other day, when Billie Jean ( yay my Fav MJ Song) came on the radio. Knowing what I do for a living (chastising me for lifting multiple rolls of fabric every day) – My Chiro confided in me…that he just LOVED Michael Jackson…& when he was a kid it […]


If ever a photo summed up how we in the west take for granted all of our consumer goods without a second thought to how they came to be or got here it is this… nothing much else needs to be said.


Trust is a funny thing these days. Not many people do it & for good reason. The big American marketing machine with it shiny “buy me buy me” get thy brain behind me philosophy…well I’m not surprised. People do what they want when they want with whomever they want to satisfy their egos & they […]