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Ninja Precision Measurements

Ok – so I’m joining the YouTube generation & making how-to videos to make life easier. Look at me go!

If you get confused between your high hip & your low hip – or you hip to floor … and oh dear….don’t even mention the girth…well my new video is for you – Click HERE to see my new How to measure Video.

HOT TIPS – your low hip will always be the same or bigger than your bust. A wise woman once said measure twice to cut once. 
If you’ve got the measurement thing down… then you are ready to create a custom costume just for you!

Whether it be a full head to toe Eisteddfod costume – or 20 pairs of boy’s hip hop pants! – we can make it for you.
I have over 1,500 patterns that I have made over the last 15 years – believe me when I say that I’ve got all possibilities covered.

So if you want ninja fast help with your costuming – email me directly click here.

Have a great weekend



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